On-line worship questionnaire

We are all looking forward to the time when we will be able to worship together in our church buildings, but that time is not yet. However, we are planning ahead and have already decided that some of the things we are currently doing on Facebook or YouTube will continue when services in our churches resume.

We are so pleased that you have been taking part in on-line worship. To help with our planning, we would like to know what you would like us to provide in the longer term. What has been helpful? What could we do better?

Here are a few questions, but if you prefer just to 'phone or email us then please do so. You can use the contact details in our newsletter or through the website (www.boltonparishchurch.co.uk)

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Q1: Before lockdown did you :
Attend services at Bolton Parish Church/St Philips?
Attend services at another church?
Worship at home, joining in with services on-line or on radio/TV?
Other (please give details in Q1a)
Q1a: Please give details if you selected 'Other' in Q1:
Q2a: What attracted you to our on-line worship in particular? :
Q2b: Did you have a connection with Bolton Parish Church or St Philip's already?:
Yes - Bolton Parish Church
Yes - St Philips
Yes - both churches
Q3: What do you most value about our on-line worship?:
Q4: Are there ways in which we can develop and improve what we do?:
Q5: When services begin again, will you be able to get to church if you want to?:
Yes, straight away
Yes, eventually
Yes, with some support
Q6: Which of the options below would you like to be able to do? (tick as many as apply):
To go back to attending services in my own church as I did before lockdown
To continue accessing services on-line
To try out a church service in person in the building
To connect with the church in a different way (please describe how in Q6a below)
Q6a: Tell us what that different way might be:
I/we live:
within walking distance of Bolton Parish Church
within walking distance of St Philips
near enough to drive and/or use public transport to attend in person
too far away to attend in person
Number of family members in age group 'under 18':
Number of family members in age group '18-34':
Number of family members in age group '35-54':
Number of family members in age group '55 or older':
We would like to be able to keep in touch with you - if you are happy with that, please provide your name and email address here:
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