Prayer and Worship resources

Prayers for use at home

We have put together a small resource booklet to help you with your personal prayers whilst at home - please click here.

You can also access a range of suitable prayers here.

"Prayer Locker"

In April 2020 we started 'Prayer Locker' – every day a prayer, chosen and read by a member of the Parish Church team or a guest, was recorded and made available via the church Facebook page. This is an ongoing initiative -and we will publish the collection of prayers for each month which you can look back on by clicking on the appropriate month::
April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

Worship Resources

Please click on the service title to access the form of service:

Worship for the Church at home - a simple service which you might like to use at the time you would normally be worshipping in church - but is suitable for any time convenient to you

Night Prayer (Compline)




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